The Team

Meet Jacob

Jacob is a lifelong resident of Westerly and 18 year military service member, serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Jacob is dedicated, knowledgeable, assertive, and motivated. Though Michaela is the face of North Star Realty Beachside, Jacob is behind the scenes ensuring each and every client is well-cared-for and each transaction goes smoothly. He has supported and encouraged Michaela's real estate career and helped her through any hurtles. Jake and Michaela are a team. He holds the position of REALTOR® and is North Star Realty Beachside's Director of Marketing. In his spare time Jake enjoys reading, exercising, watching the Broncos, and traveling. The loves of his life are Michaela and their four children, Lydia, Molly, Kevin, and Violet.

Contact Jacob Lamb at:

# 401-935-3360