Happy New Year!

January 2, 2021

Confetti is...




Ringing in 2021 with lots of sparkles and #pink confetti! 

Perhaps it is symbolic.

Life is all about choices and consequences... 

Should I throw the pound of cut of paper?

It will cause joy for a moment and then there will be a disaster area.

I chose to toss because with that came laughter and excitement. 

It's all about perception too. There was a mess in front of me, but a BEAUTIFUL one. The video came out pretty cool too.

I made my kids (and husband who begged you not to do it in the first place) help me clean so it really didn't take THAT long to tidy up the living room.

And, when I come across a shiny piece of paper weeks or months from now, I will remember the happiness that started this new year. 

Merry 2021! 

XOXO- Michaela