If You're Buying a House, You need A Realtor

November 4, 2017

Westerly, RI Realtor-Michaela Lamb


Please trust me on this one . If you are buying a home you should use a real estate agent and have representation from the buyers side. Time and time again buyers enter into contracts with one agent representing both sides. This can be a tricky process for the buying side. Especially once negotiations for price and contingencies begin. One of the biggest advantages a buyer can have in this market is a Realtor working for them. They will be updated immediately to new homes on the market. If necessary, an offer can be put together quickly, sometimes sight unseen if the buyer really wants the property. Buyers representation is always a free service.They should take full advantage of this and always use a Realtor.


When entering into any type of legal contract I would strongly encourage you to have representation, your own representation. Although it is legal for one Realtor to be a transaction facilitator for both sides, always remember that the Realtor was hired by the sellers before they met you and took your offer. An agreed upon price is only the start of the process. After that comes inspections and appraisals. With the closing usually coming 30 to 45 days later.


As the buying process goes along, you will have to work with other professionals. As soon as the home is put under contract you will have to schedule an inspection. Realtors usually will have 1 or 2 inspectors they work with regularly. You will also have to hire a closing attorney. Again, a good Realtor is going to refer an an attorney they have worked with in the past, and are confident  will represent you well.

In closing, it has been that of a great experience for me to work with buyers in finding a home they love. It gives me great satisfaction to help in accomplishing home ownership for people, especially first time home buyers. I remember buying my first home and the pride in ownership I felt. The excitement to pick out paint colors and furniture for rooms. Please contact me today to begin your home search, or if you are currently looking and have had no success with making offers.

Michaela Lamb, Associate Broker/Managing Team Leader

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